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Our team at Majorel Malaysia decided to “Plant a Seed” as part of their team building activities. Wei Feng, Team Lead and the initiator of this activity, shares why he decided for this special initiative this time.

Tell us more about the “Plant a Seed” activity.

Wei: “As part of the activity, each of our team members received a “Plant a Seed” home kit. We planted Pak Choy using the hydroponic method which is heavily practiced in Singapore as part of the effort of sustainable living. Pak Choy is a common vegetable in Asian local community. Malaysians cook Pak Choy in various ways such as stir-frying or boiling it and paired with soy sauce or instant noodles as one of the midnight cravings. Growing Pak Choy or any other type of vegetable is much encouraged, especially during and after the pandemic, because when the pandemic hit, our food supply chain was affected, and growing our own food is one of the sustainable living measures that each of us can put in with little effort to achieve it.”

What made you decide to “Plant a Seed” as a team building activity?

Wei: “It was my first team engagement activity after joining Majorel Malaysia. Therefore, I wanted to do something different from the others. Since one of my interests is eco-friendly or sustainable living activities, I wanted to do something meaningful and responsible for Mother Earth. As a wise man once said: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”, I decided to teach my team members how to grow vegetables.”

What is the progress of the “Plant a Seed”?

Wei: “It is a challenging task since most of the members have never had hands-on experience with planting. However, members comment that they feel cheerful and motivated when they see their Pak Choy growing up a little day by day. Also, this activity increases the conversation between team members. Now we need to update each other not only about work, but also about Pak Choy.

Do you have any future activities planned?

Wei: “I don’t have anything planned as of now, but since we are all working from home due to the pandemic, our team is planning to have a gathering to get to know each other better. Hopefully, our relationship will grow up to the next level as how the Pak Choy grows from seedling to budding and ultimately can be harvested.”

What a great initiative! Thank you, Wei, for sharing! Just like the seedlings our teams grow and with them the bonds and experiences grow deeper and stronger. We can’t wait to here more stories from our wonderful team in Malaysia.

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