Optimization of your LinkedIn profile is the key to your ultimate career success; especially, in recent times when, thanks to advancing technology, online professional networking has become an increasingly common part of our daily lives. Nowadays, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 722+ million members and 200+ countries and territories worldwide. In this article, our HR managers from the North American region will give you six easy and useful tips on how to build a successful LinkedIn profile.

  1. Start with your profile picture: a professional profile picture is a MUST! This is the first thing recruiters will notice when clicking on your profile. Without a picture your profile will not get noticed or appear on searches.
  1. Write a buzzworthy headline: the headline will be underneath your profile picture and your name. This is another item that will get your profile noticed and distinguish you from the rest. Why should we consider you for this role? Or why should I add you to my network? Make yourself stand out!
  1. Experience: whether you are looking for a new job or kick off your career straight out of college, make sure you add all of the experience you think is relevant for your search. Make it concise and accurate. Don’t make it too long or recruiters will lose interest.
  1. Recommendations: these are crucial for recruiters. This shows who you are as a colleague and a professional. You can ask for recommendations from former colleagues or bosses, even your former college professors. Just make sure you don’t go spamming your entire network for recommendations if they haven’t worked closely with you.
  1. Accomplishments: this is the section where you get to “show off” what you’ve done. This section can include your accomplishments from college, volunteer work, professional achievements, awards, etc. Just make sure you are selective and target these accomplishments according to your future goals.

Your LinkedIn profile at the end of the day is your personal brand and in order for your brand to sell, it needs to be authentic, so don’t forget to be you. Don’t sell yourself short and remember your profile will only continue growing through the years!

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