Recruitment Process for Entry-level Positions

When you are looking for a job, you’re probably curious about the recruitment process of the company you’re applying for. If you’re applying for an entry-level job at Majorel, we got you covered. Read on and find out what are the steps you need to take once your application has been submitted.

CV Screening 

The first step in any recruitment process is CV Screening. This means a recruiter checks your CV, and other documents you provide, and matches your skills to job requirements. If you meet the requirements, you officially become eligible for the job. Then the recruitment process starts. First, you will receive the email explaining the key details of the position and the upcoming recruiting process. If the recruiter chooses to call you directly, you will also get the opportunity to learn more about the company, upcoming trainings, benefits & salary, etc.

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The First Interview: Skill Test & Introduction 

  • Language Assessment Test

One of the most important steps is proving your language capabilities. You will need to pass the written and verbal online assessments which will test your language proficiency for the required language in the job description.

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  • Face-to-face Interview (or phone) with a Recruiter

Upon the successful completion of the language assessment test, you will have a discussion with the recruiter and possibly with another person, representing the relevant department. This is usually a team leader or a coach / trainer. During the interview, you will be tested for your verbal language skills, both in English and the required language in the job description. Depending on the position, other skill assessments can also be carried out (such as problem-solving, communication skills, among others). This first interview is also about getting to know each other, sharing information, and talking about the general working conditions. Our advice: ask everything you need to know, because it’s not only us making a decision, but you as well. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: asking questions always gets you some extra points!

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The Final Interview: Meeting a Recruiter and a Department Lead 

After you successfully pass the first interview and the skills test, we will invite you to the second interview with a recruiter and a manager of the relevant department. This can be carried out either face-to-face in our office or online. You will get an opportunity to know more in-depth about the job, your future tasks, our company culture, and so on. After this step, the department will make their final decision based on the outcomes of all the interviews with all the final candidates.

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You Are Hired!

If you pass all these steps successfully, you will receive an email / phone call from a recruiter, explaining all the details regarding the position, starting dates, and the job offer itself. This gives you the chance to read through everything and to get in touch if anything is unclear. Once everything is clear on your side, you are hired and we move on to discussing the details of your employment contract and other documents we require from you to start working at Majorel.

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If you accept the job offer, we will prepare all the necessary documents and paperwork for your first day at work. If you are relocating for the job, we will help you and advise on the entire relocation process. In most of our Multilingual Hubs, we offer relocation packages for specific positions. There is usually a dedicated person who will support you in the transition, as well as provide you with the necessary information about the steps you need to carry out prior to your move. Please note that if a specific job vacancy offers a relocation package, it is highlighted in the job description. For more detailed information regarding the relocation process, visit our local career pages.

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Our HR & recruitment specialists will make sure you got everything you need to start your journey with us and of course, introduce you to our #OneMajorel family. We start by introducing you to our company worldwide, our services, the team you’ll be part of, the tools we use, and of course, the fundamentals of our code of conduct. Once you get to know us better and have a good overview of Majorel on a global level, we start onboarding you in your team and get you familiarised with the project tools, the people, and all the other details you’ll need to be successful in your new position. Here’s also when the training starts, followed by a nesting period. This way, we make sure you are fully prepared to take on your new responsibilities.

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Get Involved in Life at Majorel

No matter whether working from home or at the office, our workdays are cheered up with countless exciting, wellbeing and intellectual activities. Once you are part of our team, we make sure you get engaged in the community life and participate in our Feel Good Program.

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