Let’s shine a spotlight on Majorel in Estonia – a small, beautiful country in Northern Europe, also known as Europe’s tech hotspot. The capital city, Tallinn is listed among Europe’s biggest startup hubs and a network of entrepreneurs. Recognizing Estonia’s potential, we opened our first office in Tallinn in 2006. In this article, we paint a picture of the life at Majorel Estonia.

Fun fact: did you know that Skype was created in Estonia?

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Majorel Estonia: History & Key Figures

In 2006, we opened our first office in the capital city, Tallinn. Initially, our local team consisted of 15 members, but over the years, it grew rapidly up to 500 employees, some of them also taking on global roles and supporting our regional and global expansions, as well as client management. Currently, our colleagues in Estonia provide customer support and tech support services to well-known international brands in the travel and mobility industries.

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“Our goal is to be a desired and trusted employer in the local labour market, where employees feel good, where they are recognized and respected.” said Virgot Toover, Country Manager at Majorel Estonia.

Fun fact: Our team in Estonia pioneered at successfully launching the first chatbot for recruitment purposes. It was called Albert and warmly welcomed possibly new colleagues to the team. 😊

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Estonia

Helping those around us in times of need is a top priority for our team in Estonia. Adhering to Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility, they showed great solidarity and support to refugees of Russia-Ukraine war. They have gathered resources such as hygiene products, food, and clothes, which were donated to the Estonian Refugee Council. This organization provides support services and humanitarian aid to people who have fled their homes and moved abroad. Our colleagues also came together and joined efforts for Christmas donations and charity initiatives for animal support.

Our team in Estonia initiated the Talent Enrichment Program, employee development program which is now already rolled out in other Majorel countries as well.

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#FeelGood at Majorel Estonia

Our colleagues in Estonia know their best ways how to bond and feel good together! They enjoy sports activities such as hiking, and they even formed a hiking club recently. Every month, our hiker colleagues come together and go on adventures on popular hiking trails around Tallinn. When it comes to celebrating diversity, they organized a multicultural potluck lunch where everyone cooked and shared their traditional dishes. On an ongoing basis, they also organize seminars to raise awareness on finances, nutrition, mindfulness, and cultural diversity. A game club, ice cream days, fruit days at work, pizza and movie nights – these are just some of the local #FeelGood initiatives. Sounds fun? Join our team!

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