Located in East Africa, Kenya, among other things, is known as the world’s best safari destination. With amazing national parks and reserves that are home to diverse wildlife, this beautiful country attracts people from all over the world. Kenya is blessed with striking natural beauty: semi-deserts, tropical rainforests, peaky mountains, and wetlands. In this picturesque country, 65 languages are spoken. Recognizing Kenya’s potential, our first office was opened in Nairobi in 2020. In this article, we shine a spotlight on our local team and show you what life at Majorel in Kenya is all about.

Majorel Kenya

Majorel Kenya: History & Key Figures

In 2020, we formed a small, yet resourceful team locally in Nairobi. It was a year full of challenges. However, we have managed to build an amazing team in the face of the heated pandemic and all the uncertainties that came with it. Since then, our local team has been growing and expanding across the country. Currently, we have offices in the capital city Nairobi and in Mombasa, the country’s oldest and second-largest city. Our team unites more than 800 talented colleagues who deliver customer support, tech support, and content moderation services to some of the world’s leading international brands.

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“Majorel Kenya’s biggest success story is the people and their willingness to learn, grow, and be part of #OneMajorel team. The team works very well together to make the site a success with a bigger picture in mind. Kenya has great potential in our sector due to the quality of its skilled labor force. Our team provides excellent services in English and African languages to some of the top international brands,” says Sven De Cauter, Senior Site Manager at Majorel Kenya.

Judy Njiru, Global Service Delivery Manager at Majorel Kenya, has been part of our team in Kenya since the very first day, having contributed to forming and nurturing our amazing local community. Read Judy’s story here.

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Kenya

Our team in Kenya adheres to Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility and spares no effort to support local communities in need and the environment. They are passionate about empowering the local communities by passing them their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Since last year, our team has been collaborating with Generation Kenya, an impact sourcing partnership, to conduct peer mentorship sessions. We are grateful for our amazing local mentors for their time and efforts they have invested. We appreciate the selflessness in sharing their expertise with their peers from Generation Kenya. Our team also plans to partner up with the Ministry of Health and rebrand containers for a healthcare facility in Mukuru slums.

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#Feelgood at Majorel Kenya

Our team in Kenya knows exactly how to #feelgood! As part of the Feel Good Program, Majorel’s global well-being and engagement framework, our colleagues cheer up their workdays with different activities such as sports challenges, swimming tournaments, fruit days, after work get-togethers, among others. Soon, they plan to celebrate the Family Day where working parents from our team will bring their children to work and take part in fun games and activities together.

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Sounds like fun? Join our growing team in Kenya. You can explore our vacancies here.

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