Leading Women at Majorel

In this interview, we talk about the women in leadership and one of the ways we fight against gender bias and nurture a culture of inclusion.

Steluţa is a Global Quality Process Training Manager for two years now. She is a pioneer at work and, at the same time, a beloved mom at home. Steluţa joined Majorel in Romania 10 years ago as a Customer Service Representative. As she recalls, she found “her professional home”, where she felt supported and valued from the beginning. Steluţa’s career has developed quickly, and she has taken on positions such as Coach Assistant, Coach Quality, Quality Manager, and Junior Global Quality Coordinator. When she started the Women Leadership Club back in 2017, Steluta envisioned a platform where women could come together and support each other, but apparently, they achieved much more. Last year, the same team launched the Men as Allies Program.

Steluta and women leadership club

  1. Every March, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. What does this day mean to you?

I see it as a celebration of the uniqueness of women around the world and, also, as a representation of their empowerment. Every year, in March, I have a perfect chance to thank my mother and mother-in-law for their guidance and love.

  1. What does gender equality at work mean and why is it important?

Gender equality stands for fairness. Women must have fair opportunities in life, fair wages, fair recognition, fair work environments supported by the law. I think, we are fortunate to work in a company which supports women and their rights. However, there is a need to raise more awareness globally and this is one of the goals of the Women Leadership Club (WLC) at Majorel.

  1. What is the Women Leadership Club?

“Be strong, be yourself” – this has been the Women Leadership Club’s slogan for 2 years. WLC is a platform to empower women in finding their strengths. We create a safe and supportive environment for all women at Majorel and ensure we stay true to our unique and beautiful personalities. We have a variety of initiatives, for example, this year, we’ve decided to also join the global breast cancer campaign.

  1. How does the Women Leadership Club support breaking the bias?

In general, women are expected to behave, speak, dress and act in a certain way and if they do not follow the pattern, they are often judged and discriminated against. At Majorel, we organize sessions such as „Raise up to the challenge“, „My brand“, “Stop the violence against women“, etc. We openly discuss the biased mindsets and work on solutions. In my view, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t talk about it.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said: “Women belong in all the places where decisions are being made.” So, ladies, when you are sitting at “this table”, speak up and make your voice heard, because this is the only way to break stereotypes and stigmatization.

  1. What’s your personal IWD message to young women?

And to all young women, dare to dream big and follow your dreams! Dare to change and make changes, love and be loved, get up after you fall, have the courage to ask for help, support others and embrace the strong woman you are.

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