Within our global corporate social responsibility framework, our team in Egypt has launched the ‘Impact’ program, an employee-led volunteer effort to support education, improve health & wellness, and help uplift some of the most underserved communities across Egypt.

As its key initiative for 2020-2022, our team has agreed to a long-term partnership with the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU). This NGO facilitates intercultural dialogue and provides school/learning facilities for African refugees, young generations between the ages of 16-22, who don’t have access to public schools and international education.

“With over 7500 people, our team in Egypt has grown strengths to strength to be the leading Customer Experience Outsourcing company in the Middle East. But with success and growth also comes responsibility, not only for our clients and employees, but also for our community. I am proud of the ‘Impact’ program as it transcends our key guiding principles of care for our people’s health, safety, and wellbeing within our community and gives hope to young refugees for a better future,” says Ricardo Langwieder-Görner, Managing Director at Majorel Egypt.

The ‘Impact’ program promotes equal education opportunities, development, and accessibility for all children and young adults. Within this framework, our team will contribute to improving the educational journey of young refugees by sponsoring them with scholarships, providing necessary educational equipment and engaging in off-campus activities.

“We would like to provide students with internationally recognized diplomas. This framework will prepare them for university education and give birth to leaders in different refugee communities who in turn will help these communities by addressing the challenges they face,” says Cornelis Hulsman, one of the founders of CAWU and principal of the CAWU-Learning Center.

This continued collaboration doesn’t stop at donations. Our people are passionate and committed to support the CAWU Learning Center and uplift children’s spirit by taking part in different recreation activities all year round.  The ‘Impact’ program is only the first step taken towards this enlightening and empowering journey of making a difference in the local community.

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