We have a lot of working parents within our diverse teams across the world and we make efforts to support them and ease their burden. In this article, we take a look at some of the benefit programs and powerful initiatives our teams take to support the working parents at Majorel.

working parents Maxim Scripnic, Global Training & Quality Manager and Loredana Alexe, Service Delivery Manager at Majorel Romania

Parental Leave and Flexible Schedules

Across our Multilingual Hubs, we offer paid parental leaves for working mothers and fathers and on top of that, in some countries, we give a one-time special bonus once the baby is born. Once the parents are back to the office, we also provide them with more flexible work schedules, when possible. This way, we make sure that we all have a healthy work-life balance at Majorel which in turn, leads to better productivity, engagement and enthusiasm of our colleagues both at work and at home. As an example, check out our article with special parental benefits we have in Estonia.

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Nataliia Agieieva, Senior Team Lead at Majorel Berlin

Family Healthcare Plans

To foster a healthy company culture, our company offers different healthcare plans to our colleagues, also extended to their families. Across our Multilingual Hubs, our colleagues can access and benefit from the health coverage either fully-covered or partially, as part of our employee benefits program.

Psychological Counselling & EAP

Giving all our employees, including the working parents, an access to free and confidential counselling service is a part of Majorel’s duty of care. Across our Multilingual Hubs, our colleagues can take counselling sessions both one-on-one and in groups. These sessions aim to support them in case they face problems arising during work or in personal life. We also have a special Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for our colleagues in the NAISAUKI region (North America, India, Philippines, Malaysia, UK, Kenya, Ireland). The program helps our colleagues with the special issues they may encounter living overseas and normal stresses of everyday life, including: family struggles, childcare challenges, marital stress, work issues, relationship problems, socialization, etc. No matter the issue, whether personal or work-related, these services are available for our colleagues to help them cope with their challenges and improve their sense of overall well‐being.

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Magdalena Shamiri, People Development & PR Manager at Majorel Poland

Parents Club

As part of our global Feel Good Program, our Feel Good Community in Georgia has founded the Parents Club for the working parents. The Parents Club is led by Nino Margvelashvili, a Neuropsychologist and Learning Support Specialist at McLain Association for Children. Each month, club members come together online to exchange ideas and also to receive science-backed hands-on advice and guidance on how to cope with the work-life challenges. It is a great way for the working parents to form a community and support each other in the workplace.

Fun Gifts, Events & Activities

Before the pandemic, across Majorel sites around the world, we had different fun initiatives for working parent and their families, such as annual parties with children, kindergarten days and many more. We still bring joy to our working colleagues and their families even in the face of the pandemic, but for now at home! On special occasions, we make hundreds of children happy by sending them different #FeelGood goodies and childcare necessities at home. We hope, we’ll get back to our normal lives soon and manage to come together as #OneTeam again and celebrate our families together.

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