Customer Service Representative in 2020

Customer Service Representative (CSR) no longer means what it used to. In the past this was someone working in a contact center, taking calls from customers all day. Today, ‘customer service representative’ is a job title which covers many different profiles and methods of communicating with customers.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, digitalization is rewriting business models but also changes the needs and expectations of customers. We need to get creative when it comes to defining the jobs, the profiles and the trainings we provide to our CSR to keep up with the change.

Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Agent, Back Office Agent and many more are titles you can find when applying to any contact center around the world. However, in this article we will simply refer to CSR (Customer Service Representative). Also we won’t be talking about the roles you are familiar with, mentioned above, but will cover some of the new “types” of CSR this role has to offer in 2020.

The skills and personality traits that a CSR needs to have or develop to deliver great customer service will differ hugely from one business to another. The industries where CSR’s are needed are now being shaped by the new era we live in, which of course is mostly online, on social media.

  1. Social Media Back Office Agent or better known as the internets content moderator

Personality traits: Socially and culturally aware, with strong nerves and good judgement

Not every CSR role means working with customers directly. This type is the perfect example of a new era of CSR’s, a vital new emerging position/function which reviews content against the terms and conditions of different social media platforms. A blend of strong attention to detail and great judgement is crucial. This people contribute every day in making the internet a better and safer place for us and the generations to come.

  1. Business Customer Service Representative aka the digital marketing consultant

Personality traits: A strong level of numeracy and technical know-how is the most important characteristic

This CSR type is often found in the highest-paid and most specialized roles. They frequently have a marketing background and might be found working in business-to-business organizations helping SMBs with online advertising and online search tools. Usually CSR positions do not require any experience, so if you are interested in such a career you should have knowledge or even experience (depending on the employer) in SEO and/or online advertising.

In Majorel we have this positions in multiple locations around the world, check the job descriptions if you want to find out more details about the responsibilities and requirements here.

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