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Ali is a great example of how diverse career stories can be in Majorel. In this article, we look at how Ali’s career evolved and the way he put his skills to good use. He joined Majorel on an entry-level position, as a Customer Service Representative in 2017. With his sharp mind and passion to continuous learning, Ali changed several roles and responsibilities and currently, he works in the HR Department as a Senior Onboarding Manager.

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After joining Majorel, in 9 months, Ali got promoted to be a Trainer. He spent two years supporting his team, when he was promoted to seniority level in the same role, with global responsibilities. Besides his new tasks, Ali was also leading the training department. Looking back, he says, “I loved the training field a lot, since I was in university. I was looking for a vacancy to apply for and I found it. I worked hard and explored the training field until I felt I had mastered it.”

After more than four years working in operations, he was looking for new opportunities yet again. Now he is working in the onboarding team, one of the HR support functions. Now Ali’s main responsibilities are onboarding new hires across different sites in Egypt. He is creating induction materials, checking on all new hires, and supporting with hiring document preparations. Ali is one of the first people to welcome you in the new team.

We wanted to know, which skills helped Ali the most moving forward with his career and his reply shows exactly why he has developed within our team. Ali is a multitalented person who knows how to put his skills to good use. He describes that his communication skills and interpersonal skills are key factors in being successful in training, also his vast knowledge about trainings for sure worked in his favor. On top of this set of skills, his time management and presentation skills ice the cake.

What makes him #FeelGood at Majorel? “Having the opportunity to learn is the greatest thing for me,” he says. At Majorel, it is one of our priorities to make sure our team members can develop their skills and we are proud to say that Ali is one of the many amazing colleagues, who make any possibility to develop and learn a reality.

Being a passionate and ambitious person does not only apply to Ali’s work life, but also to his personal life. Ali is playing and watching football. He is a basketball player in the biggest club in Egypt. In his down time, he likes watching suspense movies.

We asked him if he has any advice for young people who are just starting their careers. This is what he said: “Work in a place where you can live up to your true potential.  Don’t just accept any title just for its role when you are not passionate about it. Do the job you love the most and be patient. You will not find it from the start, but it is worth putting in the effort. Don’t judge, don’t blame, don’t decide. Just live the moment, take the experience, and then decide.”

We are very happy that Ali found his way into our team. We are proud to see that Ali, just like so many others within Majorel, has made use of the chances that our global team is offering and has the will, drive, and passion to go forward.

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