Monica and her story within Majorel Romania

My career journey is a story with soo many chapters and twists.  Looking back, it sounds almost like a saga. I started my career as a social worker. I was completely dedicated to this job and I felt I found my calling. In my case, my personal life and work have always been closely intertwined. I moved to Norway, where I decided to learn a new language, Danish. In Norway, I was filled with joy at times, but occasionally I also faced a feeling of not really belonging.

My life changed due to an accident in my family. This led me to my life today and most importantly to the person I am today. Together with my husband, we decided to go back in Romania and start from scratch. That was the moment I knew I had to make a change, a real one. Knowing Danish had proven to be quite beneficial in finding  a new job in a field I hardly knew: Customer Support. In the beginning, I planned to just stay until I felt comfortable returning to my career as a Social Worker. Obviously this didn’t happen.

How did your career change after joining Majorel?

This job started to grow on me. It was challenging. I was learning what is means to work in a big corporation, but also rewarding. I still got that feeling that I do something good and valuable for others. But what really kept me going was having this huge opportunity of working with amazing people who are driven, smart, and reliable. The team created this awesome feeling of belonging. I felt home and that I’m in the right place.

How did your career evolve over time with Majorel?

I started my career journey with Majorel in 2012. Since then I have worked in many positions. I was a Customer Support Representative, Trainer, and Coach, an Operational Manager and  quite recently, I was promoted to the position of a Service Delivery Manager. Now, I am a  Global Account Manager for one of the biggest clients within Majorel.

How would you describe your team?

Altough it may sound like a cliché, I consider my team as my family. We started out as a small team, and the connections created back then grew stronger with time. In all honesty, it was so much easier to create meaningful bonds in the office. Face to face interactions are definately my favorite. Of course we accommodated some of the initiatives online, but having a beach day in the office is not the same in a virtual environment. It’s much harder to establish a sense of belonging for new team members.

I am proud of where we have come as #OneMajorel team and now we have the chance to grow further.

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