In our company, the Feel Good Managers make work a better place by ensuring the well-being of our communities, spread across the world. Together with the Feel Good Community Ambassadors, they try different ideas and approaches to build on the support that works for everyone. In this article, we look at the Feel Good Program through the lens of Laura Dorsam. Laura was the first to have the official role of a Feel Good Manager in Majorel and helped create what we call our Feel Good Program today. Based in Berlin, Laura’s main focus is supporting her colleagues with their daily struggles and shaping the wellbeing program based on their needs and goals, by creating tailored initiatives targeting the main three pillars of our Feel Good Program: body, mind and soul.

“Communication and engagement are two of the main pillars of this position and are the ones I enjoy the most. I support all my colleagues in getting settled in Berlin, working their way through visa issues, making calls and translation, regardless of department or positions.

Now, I work with an amazing team of Feel Good Community Ambassadors on events and activities. Based on a constant flow of feedback we get from our team, we ensure our wellbeing program is always tailored to the diverse needs. They make my job so much more joyful and fun, and I cannot imagine how I ever worked without them. It is amazing to work with a team of volunteers eager to get involved, to continuously rethink, to recreate and shape our workplace. Through them I get more direct feedback and insights into the challenges that I could have otherwise missed.

The way I understand the Feel Good Program is that it is a part of a company’s membrane. It is a service culture that allows teams and individuals to express themselves, speak up, and feel heard on any level. Feedback is a vital part of my job. It is tempting to separate wellbeing initiatives from operative tasks, but, the Feel Good Program is much more than one person or a small team; it is everyone working towards the same goal. The program connects teams and the Feel Good Mangers to think of collective ideas and make them come to life.”

To get a better understanding of who the Feel Good Managers are and what they do, here are some of the responsibilities they share with their Feel Good Communities across countries divided into the pillars of our well-being and resiliency program:

Feel Good Body

When our body is healthy we have more energy, feel happier and deliver better results. Healthy body = Healthy mind! Sport and Nutrition represent some initiatives and activities they create to keep us healthy.

Feel Good Mind

One of the most defining human traits is curiosity. The Feel Good Community works closely with our Learning and Development teams to offer trainings and programs to improve, learn and develop both professionally and personally.

Feel Good Soul

We put great value in helping you develop lasting and meaningful purpose, both professionally and socially. One task on the Feel Good Community is to encourage and support productive activities driven by individual passions and nurture creativity. One main goal of this pillar is to give back to local communities by actively involving our people in our company’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

Feel Good Support

Integration, onboarding or relocation support and health care are just some of the things the team supports with every day.

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