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We care to better understand what unites us, what inspires us, what makes us resilient and most of all happy. 

Share your #feelgoodchronicles in a Instagram story between March 29th – April 15th. Tag @Passport_to_Majorel and add the hashtag #FeelGood(+YourLocation).

Posting 3 Instagram stories, on 3 different days, will make you eligible for our competition! The most creative series of 3 stories from the same account will be rewarded!

We can only receive entries from public Instagram profiles, make sure you have it public for at least for 24 hours after posting a story. Please read terms and conditions below.

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  • Because staying connected is more important than ever.
  • Because creativity is one of our core values.
  • Because no matter the distance, we are #OneTeam.
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We are part of a truly international team, and all of us are our unique selfs. We believe that inspiration knows no boundaries, kindness has no frontiers, creativity has no language, and improving the way we work has no completion date. Thus we strive to continuously improve the workplace and way we work as one team, and we want you to have an active say in it and give you a platform to inspire and connect with an international community. We are Majorel Germany and Eastern Europe:

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Terms & Conditions

Feel Good Chronicles Challenge

This campaign is addressing Majorel team members of the GEE Region (Germany and Eastern Europe)*.

Campaign duration: Mach 29th – April 15th 2021

  1. Eligibility criteria for participation:
*Eligible Majorel Locations: Majorel Romania, Majorel Poland, Majorel Georgia, Majorel Armenia, Majorel Estonia, Majorel Berlin I and II, Majorel Muenster.
  1. How to participate?

I – Create 3 stories on three different days between March 29th and 15th April 2021.

II – Tag the @passport-to-majorel Instagram page.

III – Add the hashtag #feelgood followed by the Majorel location you are employed in (e.g. #FeelGoodBerlin )

Important: Make sure your instagram profile is public, at least for 24 hours after posting a story and tagging the Passport to Majorel Page. We are not able to see / receive any stories of private accounts, therefore is impossible for us to repost them and add your story entries in the competition. You can check this by following the Passport to Majorel Instagram page where we are reposting all entries as stories and saving them in the #FeelingGood (#FeelGoodChronicles) highlight. Please reach out by Instagram if you don’t see your entry.

Optional: You can add animate stickers from Majorel and make your posts more interactive by simply searching directly in Instagram the Majorel or Feel Good tags (Majorel GIPHY account).

  1. Prizes

Please be aware that taxes may apply on the amount of the prize depending on the local tax law, please consult your local HR or Feel Good Manager for more information.

  1. Selecting the winners

4.1. Jury

Winners will be selected by a special designated jury composed of Feel Good Managers and other support functions from the GEE region.

4.2. Rating System

The Jury will rate the three consecutive stories posted by each employee based on the following criteria:

Evaluation system: from 1 to 5 (5 representing the highest score). Highest overall rating wins the Feel Good Chronicle Challenge. Only participants who posted three stories by April 15th and tagged the @passport_to_majorel Instagram page will be considered eligible.

4.3. Winners’ announcement

Winners will be announced on April 26th 2021 once all votes per category have been counted. Winners will be announced by the local Feel Good Managers via the regular local communication channels.

  1. Data Collection & Privacy Policy

5.1. General information

For the purpose of the Feel Good Chronicles campaign, Majorel will save the name of your Instagram profile and the 3 entries you made in the competition, to help establish the winner. By participating in the campaign as described in Clause 2 you give Majorel permission to save the stories posted on Instagram or share it in the future on the social media pages managed by the company upon request of the GEE Marketing department. Once all winners have gotten their prices, Majorel will delete all the personal data collected for the purpose of this campaign.

5.2.Privacy Policy and GDPR

We process personally identifiable information (“personal data”) in accordance with GDPR provisions and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Find Majorel Privacy Policy here.

You can contact our designated Data Protection Officer at the address indicated above by using the reference ‘For the attention of the Data Protection Officer’ or by writing to:

5.3. Other privacy policies which apply for your information:

Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland (“Facebook”) is also responsible for processing information. For more information, please consult:

You can contact Facebook’s data protection officer here:

You can find information on the processing of personal information by Facebook in your Facebook profile under the Settings menu – Privacy, or here:

The content of this page is confidential and used only for internal communication purposes with employees from one of following Majorel locations: Romania, Muenster and Berlin (Germany), Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Poland.

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