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You don’t feel like you are better than the rest in your team

You might be the one with qualities that could lead you to a higher position, but that doesn’t mean you are better than your team. Each individual person brings something to the table that makes your team strong. If you cannot appreciate each team member and their traits, you are no leadership material. Regardless if you are a team lead or a team member, you are part of the same team. Your title and responsibilities might be different, but your job – to succeed and complete the work given to the team – is the same.

You set the example

You are on time every meeting or starting off the day fully prepared to jump right into work of course after your morning coffee. You adhere to lunch hours and breaks and don’t let others do your work for you. You treat others with respect and encourage empathy. You keep a healthy balance between what is good for you, your team and the company. Being a good team leader is always setting the example by showing you know the rules and guidelines that matter.

You are always there for your team

Your team should feel safe to come to you with any kind of problem. Something went wrong at work and your colleague is stressed that it will affect them negatively? You are there to comfort them. Someone is unsure about a work flow and just needs some help explaining? You are there for them to teach them, or guide them to the right person. Team leaders are more than just supervisors! You know that teams need coaching, guidance and feel like they are backed by their team lead. If something escalates, you have the proper balance between standing up for your team and backing the company you work for.

People rely on your expertise and like to be part of the team you are in

If you work in a team structure, there is always someone that shows leadership qualities within the team. If you are that person, you will be the one that your colleagues rely on and know you have their back.

You are always aware of the latest news and share it with your team

With your investigative and curious mindset, you are up to date about everything that’s happening around the office and distinguish instantly if the information you come across might benefit your team and share it accordingly. You are the go-to person when rumors are spreading, because you will be there to clear the air and dissect fact from fiction.

You are one of the key motivators

Motivation is crucial to keep a team, an office and a company running. Lack thereof is dangerous. If your team is given a task that makes many sigh and wander off to the coffee station in despair, you are the one that keeps their heads above water and motivate them to complete this task with good reason!