Majorel Estonia career story Anna

Anna, what do you do at Majorel?

I am currently working in a project as a Help Desk Agent, which is a part of Quality Department. Most of my tasks revolve around our line agents – double checking their work, evaluating their performance and giving feedbacks and answering their day to day questions. I also provide trainings and coaching when needed, and deal with escalated complaints.

What is the most common complaint that you get?

I have to say flight delay or cancellation, as it spoils important business or holiday plans, so naturally people are angry and disappointed. Lost or delayed luggage has the same effect. Most people have a clear idea of how they want their vacation to look like, so understandably suddenly losing that control pushes many over the edge.

How did you start in our company?

I didn’t like my previous job due to demanding schedule and night shifts, so I started looking for options. I was first invited to German line in a different project here, but then moved to another project. I passed the interview and the training, and here I am 3 and half years later!

What has been the biggest challenge for you here?

At first – definitely our system. It can look very intimidating at first, especially if you had zero experience in coding. I’ve came to love it later, and now see it as one of the most interesting parts of our work. Secondly, at some point I was covering German, English and Russian lines and the constant switch between languages and mentality was quite nerve-wracking. Still it was a lot of fun as the work was never dull!

What has been your favorite moment in Majorel?

I enjoy the challenge, and even though it can be somewhat stressful I cannot imagine myself doing something less fast-pace, as I would probably be bored very quickly. Apart from that I love our team, we have wonderful people working in our project and we always have fun in and out of office.

What is it that makes you so good at your job?

Definitely the fact that I like what I do and I am genuinely excited about my work. I am also a fast learner that enjoys being productive and organized.

What’s your favorite thing to do at your free time?

I usually spend it with my friends and family; I also try to do as much travel as possible, even if it’s just a long weekend kind of trip. Other times I just binge watch true-crime documentaries.

What is your moto in life?

The universe may not always play fair – but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor. I find this quote to be both true and very reassuring. If something doesn’t go your way now – make sure to reflect on it later and have a laugh. Life has an interesting way of delivering things, events and people into our path we didn’t even know we wanted. I try to bring a little humor into most things I do, it makes everyday life that tiny bit brighter!

Quality manager, Ann Kraak:

“Anna joined the quality team about a year ago during busy times. Her main tasks are helping agents to solve the unsolvable, monitor their work and give feedbacks/coachings, handling escalations and keeping agents up to date with changes in our clients policies. She is now also one of the trainers in our project. Anna has an amazing ability of juggling a high workload and different tasks with positive energy and confidence. She learns fast, thinks outside the box and gladly shares her ideas. A truly reliable colleague who does not crack under pressure. What would we do without her?”

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