Majorel Estonia career stop kseniia

What do you do at Majorel?

I just moved to a Seasonal Trainer position in one of our biggest projects in Majorel Estonia. Outside of the high season I am working as a Quality Coach.

Why did you join Majorel?

First, I joined Majorel in January 2017. I was interested in challenging myself with working in the call center. My motivation was to step out of the comfort zone and make the best out of that experience.  I understood it was not an easy job both emotionally and physically. But from the first moments of my journey here I have been supported by colleagues. One more thing which influenced my decision were numerous opportunities for career growth.

In March 2018, I got a temporary Coach position and gladly performed my tasks. After the high season was over, I decided to try myself in a different field. But very quickly understood that my heart belongs to our project. I got back to Majorel in March 2019 as a Coach, went through the Partner Support training. And now can proudly say I am an expert in both Guest Support and Partner Support lines of business.

What has been the biggest challenge for you here?

There have been some challenges at every stage of my journey in Majorel, of course. But the main challenge I am going through right now amid pandemic. Which is staying away from my team and my colleagues. I hope for it to be over soon, for us all to go back to a loud office full of great people!

What has been your favorite moment in Majorel?

I have many! I think every workday brings a lot of positive emotions, every team meeting energizes me, every event we have full of memorable moments.

But I think my most favorite moment was on 18th March 2019 when I came back to Majorel, entered the office, meet my dear colleagues. There was just peace and happiness inside, I was in the right place and I was ready to do my best with the work trusted to me.

What is it that makes you so good at your job?

I like challenges and I like winning them. I am constantly challenging myself with new goals and expected results. I also convey this attitude to the teams I manage. And together we show good results.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career?

The advice will be not to be afraid. Not afraid to speak up, to show initiative, to think out of the box, and fail. Once failure can be the key to success. One more thing which is important is constant challenging of oneself, stepping out of the comfort zone, and aiming for personal development and growth.

What is your motto in life?

My motto is „Dreaming is an art of achieving“. I strongly believe that if you can dream about something you will eventually achieve it one way or another. It does work with me. All I have achieved, I have dreamed about in the past!

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