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It is not just about having our corporate policies and quotas to support diversity and inclusion, it is also about having workforce mirroring our world, our society, our client pool. And that is why embracing diversity is part of our DNA on corporate, but also individual level.

We are about moving to another level when it comes to cultural diversity and inclusion.

Last week for the second time already we organized a lecture for our employees to increase their awareness of cultural differences. It is one thing to approach differences with tolerance and acceptance, but it is totally another story making an extra effort in actually getting to know why the differences exist and how these differences with their uniqueness can enrich our lives and broaden our world  –  we increase our cultural intelligence.

Willingness to acknowledge that “my world is not the whole world” drives unity in diversity.

We see the world and perceive meanings through our own values and beliefs, we learn these so called “unwritten rules of social games” in communication, in behavior, in expectations we set to ourselves and others. All this affects how the relationships form among colleagues: what triggers our motivation, what we expect from our managers and how closely we are connected with our coworkers.

Sourcing from science, practicing in daily routines – this is how collective wisdom is created.

During this lecture, we did not just wonder about diversity, but also looked at cultural diversity through scientific prism. We shared some personal experiences and analyzed these situations by using scientific theory and research results and had lots of laugh about how amazingly simple and easily explained our differences actually are.

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