Today’s story is all about Gundega Haritonova, a Local Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer. Gundega has a long and inspiring career of working with Majorel for 10 years! Just like many of our employees, she started out in an entry-level position, as a Customer Service Representative in Tallinn, Estonia. With her “yes” attitude, positive mindset, determination, and willingness to take actions to achieve results, Gundega has significantly grown into her initial job and changed several roles throughout her career journey with Majorel. Gundega does not only have a successful career, but also has a fascinating lifestyle. She enjoys exploring exotic countries, and in her free time learning Vedic knowledge – yoga, meditation, Vedic numerology, astrology, and all other aspects of Vedic lifestyle.

We could not miss the chance to talk to Gundega about her career journey and mark her 10th anniversary with Majorel. Let’s hear what she has to say.

Tell us about your career before joining Majorel. What drew you to apply?

I was living in Latvia, where I used to work as a recruiter in a recruiting company. It was quite an interesting experience to work with many different people. When I moved to Estonia due to family reasons, I was looking for making new contacts and also, starting my career all over again. So, I decided to apply as a Latvian-speaking Customer Service Representative at Majorel.

How did your career evolve within Majorel?

After closing my first project in 18 months, I received an offer to work with a Centralized User Administration team. I worked as a User Account Admin for about 6 years, before I became a Team Manager. After a half a year, I was honored with the opportunity to take part in launching the same project in the Philippines and I became Global Lead for the Centralized User Administration Team (Tallinn & Philippines). What an exciting experience! Later, I got a chance to become an Operation Manager for another project. This was my favorite experience as it requires for me to be aware of so many layers and levels. It is like being a pilot, trying to fly the plane safely. Unfortunately, my experience as an Operation Manager was shorter than I expected and now I am a Local Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer for Estonia and Lithuania.

What are your current responsibilities as a Local Information Security Officer?

Compliance department in every organization ensures that employees and the organization as a whole adhere to internal rules of conduct, and external rules and regulations. My position in this department requires a lot of reading and understanding of local laws, ISO regulations, and in-house rules. I make sure that all the information is handled securely. My job is to challenge my colleagues and the management team on security topics and help them be aware of the importance of security and law requirements. My team is very friendly, helpful, and cooperative.

What skills helped you moving forward with your career?

I don’t remember the last time when I said “no” to something. I’m always open for new challenges and say “yes” whenever a new possibility is around the corner.

What is your biggest professional learning?

I’ve learned that clear communication and strategy are the key to leading a successful team. Do your best with a pure mind and success will be there. Be consistent with your ideas. Plan meetings, projects, trainings in advance – this makes your work more precise.

What makes you #FeelGood at Majorel?

My colleagues have become my dear friends! I have met so many amazing people all around the world, who I really admire. When I receive some love and respect back from them, I just feel happy.

What is your hobby?

My whole lifestyle is my hobby I am trying to live according to Vedic knowledge. I wake up early to be able to do yoga. In the evening, I do meditation and mantra chanting. I also love to travel! My most memorable trip was the pilgrimage to India, visiting an ancient temple Kedarnath, which is about 3583 meters above sea level.

Do you have any advice for young people who are just starting their careers?

Every failure might be your chance. Always try to see a bigger picture. Trust your instincts and always do the right thing even when it’s hard.

We are very happy and proud that Gundega found her way into our team and could not be prouder of her development in our team!

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