Thanks to the outstanding drive and commitment of our teams and clients, over 1000 employees currently are working from home.We have successfully implemented home office solutions to ensure the well-being of our teams while continuing to serve our customers. In near future we plan to announce new/additional positions and grow our #OneMajorel team – Alexander Mironenko, Majorel Georgia Country Manager

We would like to take this opportunity and say thank you to:

  • all our employees for their commitment and extraordinary support,
  • the IT departments and project managers for the implementation of the WFH solutions,
  • the HR department, for their fast response, support and flexibility,
  • the local pandemic managers, for taking care of our employees, and creating safe working conditions,
  • the Administration department for their support.

With our employee’s continuous support, we once again, proved that we are #driven to go further!

A list of preventive measures is in place since the outbreak in all Majorel Georgia offices to minimize future risks of COVID-19 spread:

  •  Employees who live in Rustavi were provided with free transport,
  •  Increased cleaning and disinfection of all our working places and the complete building,- Complete building disinfection.
  •  Equipped offices with the necessary prevention equipment (hand sanitizer, masks, hand gloves)
  •  Constant prevention and information regarding Covid-19 and company measures,
  • A dedicated pandemic team which is constantly monitoring the current situation and keeps in contact with any questions and concerns.
  • Business trips abroad completely canceled,
  •  Common areas are closed (such as the game zone, and kitchen),
  • All employees who have been traveling or were in contact with infected persons were asked to isolate themselves.
  • Staff meetings were canceled or moved to digital channels.
  •  All face to face recruitment processes have been postponed or moved to digital channels,
  •  All trainings were moved to digital channels.
  • A dedicated e-mail address was created to answer all questions related to Covid-19 and business continuity.