Dario’s career story

Dario entered the customer service world completely by chance a few years ago, joining us as a Customer Service Representative for a big project in the travel industry.

“I started straight away during the full peak season, but despite the challenging time of the year, not only did I manage to learn step by step how to do my job well, but I also learned new things about myself.”

After realizing that customer care had always been right up his alley, Dario had the chance to join a start-up team for a new e-commerce client, and proving his skills and talent, he became a Team Manager.

“What I enjoy most about my job is being able to transfer my knowledge and experience to my team. I like to think that, even if I’m not going to change the world, I do my best to guide them in their professional and personal growth.”

We’re happy to say he’s a valuable asset and a good fit for us!

Careers in Milan

Whether you’re a skilled professional or just starting your career, choose Majorel in Milan for your new journey.

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