“Hi, my name is Jasmine. How can I help you?”

A normal working day at our contact center by the looks of it, but what if we told you that our people are answering phones for a good cause?

On the other end of the line, a mother asks for more information on the activities proposed by Dynamo Camp and shares her son’s story, explaining how difficult it is to get her child accepted by his peers and how she’s trying to help him not feel different but simply special.

Founded in 2007 by the Dynamo Foundation and located in a WWF protected oasis of over 900 hectares in Tuscany, Dynamo Camp Onlus offers free recreational therapy programs for children and teenagers suffering from more than 70 serious or chronic diseases.

At the Camp, which is one of a kind in Italy, the children and their families can find the ideal environment to escape and have fun together. Their mission is the right to happiness, and they make it happen. During the 14 years of its social mission, the organization helped over 52,000 people, improving their quality of life and breaking through the stigma of the different and sick.

Majorel Italy has been managing Dynamo Camp’s hotline since May 2020, answering questions about the programs and how to make donations to support their activities.

“Thank you for everything that Dynamo Camp does for the children. They give them the opportunity to dream,” a caller said once.

Receiving such encouraging and appreciative messages on behalf of Dynamo Camp made us realize that the need for these children to feel valued and accepted is real, and that being different is nothing but precious. Always driven to go further, Majorel Italy decided to make a small difference and to offer the hotline service for free. The happiness of the children, their families, and the people supporting Dynamo Camp make it all worth it.

“Thank you for always being with us and giving voice to our projects, values, and emotions. If Dynamo Camp’s magic becomes true every day, we also owe it to you!”

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