Erica's career story

Erica Carabel Campelo


“My professional background has always been linked to commercial back office roles at an international level and e-commerce jobs in the fashion retail industry. I got the opportunity to join Majorel in June 2021 as a Spanish customer service representative of a fashion online retail company and, subsequently, in March 2022, I started working as a partner service specialist for an online travel agency that allowed me to acquire new competences and skills, learning also about the tourism sector, which was new to me.”

“During the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to apply for an open position as real time analyst in the WFM department. I’ve been working there since then. Majorel has allowed me to grow professionally and challenge myself in different roles in a short period of time and I’m grateful for the amazing experience and wonderful people I’ve met along my career path in this company.”


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