Roberta's career story


Roberta Gulotta


Roberta joined Majorel as a Customer Care Agent, a job she had been performing before at other companies in the industry. However, that was a turning point in her career. Thanks to her dedication, experience and commitment, she got promoted soon to a new position that suited better her interests.

“I had the opportunity to apply for a Team Manager position in the project I was working at. I discovered Majorel to be an excellent place to learn, improve and grow. In the past few months, I’ve learned how to support and guide my team in order to achieve our goals.”

“Majorel supplied me with specific training about leadership to give me all the instruments I needed. Here I found an amazing group of people to work with, making this the best personal and professional experience I’ve ever had.”

“The project I’m working at right now is one that really makes me proud. It put me to the test and gave me the opportunity to improve my skills. Challenging situations may arise, but here I have a supportive and result-driven team, in which people are always the main focus.”

Way to go, Roberta! Thank you so much for your contribution!

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