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Majorel Italy was founded in 2019. We provide customer support in the travel, e-commerce, and utilities industries for top local and international brands.

We are driven by our people and our work is the unique result of a team of over 200 diverse talents.

Join us to make your contribution!

What’s in it for you?

Joining the Majorel team means having the opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment. Whether in communication, leadership, organization, or creative thinking, you’ll have the chance to improve your skills and succeed!

Feel Good @ Majorel Italy

Feel Good Mind

  • Get noticed – fast: in 2019, 80% of our job vacancies were filled by internal promotions – and this continues during 2020
  • Recognition: we like to celebrate our people and their achievements, so we reward them for their milestones at the company
  • Continuous improvement: as we believe this is the guarantee of success, we carry out daily coaching sessions for all our Customer Service Representatives and provide training to the overhead staff, such as leadership, time management, and communication
Feel Good Mind

Feel Good Soul

  • Social activities: at Majorel, we’re one Big Family, which is why we love special occasions, contests, charity events, getting involved in our local communities, and much, much more
  • Leisure deals: we’ve partnered with an exclusive club to offer our people special deals on high-quality products and services, like concerts, theater shows, museums, travel, sports events, and design furniture
Feel Good Soul

Feel Good Support

  • Health insurance discount: while we promote an active and healthy lifestyle, Majorel employees can benefit from a health insurance discount. Our selected partner offers a wide choice of healthcare facilities in Italy and abroad, with excellent services at hospitals, health specialists, and dentist practices
  • Welcome & onboarding: since their very first day at Majorel, our people are given all the information they need about our company, our internal procedures, our career paths, and motivational plans
  • Employee surveys: our employees’ opinion is the best way to know what they are satisfied with and where we can improve
Feel Good Support

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