The same position can feel very different within two companies. Because not only your tasks, but also a good atmosphere, the culture and great colleagues are indispensable and make you feel at home in your position.

“Here I actually fulfill the same function as I previously did within another organization, as a team lead within customer service. But it still feels very different and I am glad I took the step. I was not that dissatisfied at all and I felt comfortable in my position, but that sometimes meant that I lacked a bit of a challenge.”

“I am really challenged by the responsibilities and the freedom to do things in my own way. But the biggest reason for my switch is the people. Everyone was so open, right from my first meeting. I really like the atmosphere. Fun things are organized almost every week, such as different challenges and everyone is very involved. It’s like a big family, I can come here with everyone.”

“I also have the space to jump in line every now and then. I love that it is always a surprise who you get on the phone. Sometimes it is solved like this, but other times it is quite a challenge. It is still satisfying when someone ends the call satisfied.”

Are you ready for an iconic challenge?

Would you like to work in a close-knit team, for leading clients and the opportunity to be yourself and develop yourself further?

Are you ready for this iconic challenge?

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