Jethro’s career story

Being a multinational company with presence in 31 countries all over the world, Majorel offers its employees multiple opportunities to grow. Internal promotions are quite common and, sometimes, our people working in local areas of the company get also the chance to develop new responsibilities at a regional/global level.

That is Jethro’s case, our new Majorel Career Story. Let’s know about it in his own words!

Jethro Belman

Since I started working with Majorel in 2016 as a Team Leader I have always found people across the business to be welcoming and responsive to my curiosity. I quickly found that I was recognised, appreciated and given opportunities to grow. So after a little over a year I found myself able to become an Operations Manager.

It’s continued to be extremely satisfying to work in an environment where collaboration amongst a diverse set of staff has allowed me to learn and grow myself and my career. But what’s been even more satisfying is that via the trust placed in me I’ve been able to support numerous people within my teams to progress their own careers extensively; moving into either leadership roles themselves or other functions like WFM.

The culture of feedback, honesty and transparency has enabled me to mature within Majorel and after nearly 5 years here to rise to the position I currently hold of Regional Service Delivery Coordinator. Now I’m not only responsible for the delivery of excellence from our project locally in Lisbon, but I also oversee the overall service delivery for one of our global clients, an internationally renowned sports brand. I feel confident that just by bringing the best version of myself each day I will continue to be able to advance my career and that of my peers as I continue within our #oneteam. I cannot wait to see the future challenges that Majorel has in store for me!

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