César’s career story


César Ferreira was recently promoted to the position of Global Workforce Manager in Lisbon. After 6 years in the company, this is another step ahead in his career and we are sure he will achieve great success in this new role too.

“Since I started in 2015, I felt that I joined a completely different company. It was noticeably in all the areas that “people” were the main focus. However, I still remember all the efforts to clarify my doubts, making me comfortable and fulfilling my needs. No wonder that I am still in this company with the same desire to go further, still motivated and happy.


César Ferreira


I want to thank Majorel for all the opportunities given that allowed me to grow professionally and as a person; I started as an Operation Manager, and now I’m proudly a Global WFM Manager, and this is only possible with all the support that I have been feeling all over this years.”

Thank you too, César, for your commitment and great performance over the years!



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