For us, October is The Wellbeing Month – a special occasion to focus on our general wellbeing.

Our colleagues from Wellness & Resilience Department and Training Department have prepared for you a step-by-step guide to make you Feel Good.

It is called October Wellness Journey, and every week we will release a PDF guide with exercises, valuable resources and interesting ideas for small actions that make huge differences on our wellbeing. Every week, it will bring in the spotlight an important aspect for our mental wellness:

  • Week 1: Emotional Wellness
  • Week 2: Environmental Wellness
  • Week 3: Social Wellness
  • Week 4: Physical Wellness

Week 1 - Emotional Wellness

Here is our first material to guide you through the first week of this wellbeing month:

PDF Week 1 – Emotional Wellness


Week 2 – Environmental Wellness

We often do not realize the impact that our living/ working spaces have on our mental health. What surrounds us each day in our homes, workplaces or neighborhood and the resources available directly affect our personal wellness. Outer order contributes to inner calm. When our environment feels cluttered, chaotic, or unsafe, it’s hard to live happy and healthy.

PDF Week 2 – Environmental Wellness



Week 3: Social Wellness

In life, being able to build healthy relationships is a very important skill. Those with a strong social network tend to find that the tough times in life are easier to handle, and that the good times are even more enjoyable.

Good friendships and a positive social network increases our overall happiness and makes us more resilient.

PDF Week 3: Social Wellness


Week 4: Physical Wellness

Physical activity is just one aspect of physical wellness. It also includes managing your stress, getting enough sleep, and eating a healthy diet.  Staying up late consuming social media, or movies can be counterproductive because you will accrue sleep debt. If you are sleep-deprived, your memory will not be as good and you will not be able to learn efficiently or focus your attention.  Also, sleep, stress and physical activity are all connected.  If you are physically active, you will reduce your stress level and will probably sleep better as well.

PDF Week 4: Physical Wellness

May this journey lead you to self discovery!