The subtle art of... being true

The aim of the program is to help us dive into the depths of our beings, to discover and rediscover ourselves, to un-know us and to see ourselves from new angles.

According to many authors and studies, the more authentic and congruent we are, the happier and more fulfilled we feel.

In this way, this program is designed for those people who have the need of exploring their inner worlds at a deeper level, to those who are tired of being in a way that makes them feel unhappy or for those who feel that the way they live and are not congruent with their values and principles.

It takes two to tango: Couples wellbeing

February & March 2022 (8 sessions)

  • (Not so) secret ingredients for a healthy couple (2*60 minutes)
  • The science of trust (4*60 minutes)
  • When things don’t work (on break-ups and emotional closures) (2*60 minutes)
It takes two to tango: Couples wellbeing

Parenthood: the toughest hood you’ll ever go through

April & May 2022 (8 sessions)

  • Relationship with kids and Attachment styles: what makes things work (4*60 minutes)
  • Mingling between the couple and raising children (4*60 minutes)
Parenthood: the toughest hood you’ll ever go through

Cover me in sunshine: On Resilience & Joy

June & July 2022 (6 sessions)

  • Building up resilience (3*60 minutes)
  • The power of play (3*60 minutes)

Read more about Resilience here.

Cover me in sunshine: On Resilience & Joy

It’s a kind of magic: rethinking creativity

August 2022 (4 sessions)

  • 4*60 minutes
  • We often hear people saying, with some pain in their hearts, that they are not creative, that they don’t know how to “play” and that, somewhere along their life, they lost the joy of creating something new.
  • We will talk about courage, joy, freedom of expression, perseverance and confidence.
  • Our goal is to “demystify” the creativity and to access our inner resources in order to unblock ourselves from those mechanisms that prevent us from being more playful and free of prejudices.
It’s a kind of magic: rethinking creativity

In your face, Burn out!

September & October 2022 (8 sessions)

  • Burn out at work (4*60 minutes)
  • Burn out in parents (2*60 minutes)
  • Burn out in children (2*60 minutes)
In your face, Burn out!

Assertive communication

November 2022 (4 sessions)

  • Assertive communication: finding the right balance between clients’ needs and the company’s needs (4*60 minutes)
Assertive communication

Stress management

December 2022

  • Stress management: copying skills in times of pandemic
  • On my way motivation: find your drive and your teams’ as well
Stress management

Andreea Cioban

Systemic Psychotherapist

Andreea Cioban


A few words about the coordinator of the IT’S OK Program

I started my becoming as a psychotherapist, being part of that group of people who decides to study psychology to “fix themselves/heal themselves”. What I learnt along the way is that the process of “reparation”, reconstruction, integration, self-acceptance and self-love is a lifelong process, sometimes easier, sometimes more difficult and also, it is more powerful to have a partner along this journey (be it a therapist, friend, family member, lover, colleague or another significant person).

I truly believe in people’s power to change for the better and healthier as long as they are brave enough to venture (also) in the darker sides of the being. I cherish and respect the human condition.
Each one of us has an inner fight that can be (and most of the times is) invisible to the others and for me it is an honor to be the companion of those who want to share their pain and joy with me.

An academic CV would say about me that I am :

An informal CV would say that I am the mother of 3 awesome-complicated-funny-loving children, that I love books (read them, smell them, buy them, arrange them, re-arrange then and repeat), I love drums and home-made chocolate.


What to expect from the workshops?

  • A bit of theory about the defensive ways of functioning, identifying when we “function”/behave in
    defensive manner and trying to identify and understand the “WHY”.
  • Introspective exercises and games
  • Food for thought questions to help identifying personal defense mechanisms
  • Learning about the healthier ways of functioning/ the antidotes to overly using the defenses
  • Practicing authenticity and congruency within the members of the group

It’s OK is our Employee Wellbeing Program. If you want to join, ask your team leader about this program!