Bladi’s career story

“Since the very first days at the company, I recognized a friendly work environment and I soon got to know all the opportunities Majorel offers for personal and professional development. In every department, I’ve always found excellent teams to work with, willing to collaborate and with a strong understanding of teamwork. All of this motivated me to give 100% and my efforts were rewarded just two months after my first day, as I was promoted to Team Manager”.

“After a while, I had the opportunity to join another project, which is still today in full growth, in which I can experience first-hand the resilience of our people. After four years working as a Team Manager, I was promoted again, and I currently work as an Operations Manager for a client in the utilities sector”.

“Throughout my time at Majorel, I’ve also realized how my education could play an important role in my daily job. I studied Social Work, which has been helping me communicate better and focus on my teams’ results. Later on, I decided to follow my passion for new technologies, so I studied Programming, thanks to which I’ve improved my skills for data analysis”.

It’s people like Bladi that make our work a better place to be!