Cristina’s career story

“I will never forget my supervisor’s first words: You would fit the Training & Quality department perfectly. A couple of years later, I began working as a Trainer in onboarding sessions with new colleagues, without leaving behind my commercial and analytical skills, hand in hand with my supervisor”.

“At Majorel, I’ve learned the importance of looking at the world from different perspectives and working with empathy. After a year, I was given a new opportunity as a Sales Supervisor, a new personal and professional challenge, that I faced enthusiastically every day knowing that it made me grow while developing new skills yet to be discovered”.

But her professional growth hasn’t stopped, and after another year, Majorel invested again in her skills and offered her a promotion as Service Delivery Manager.

“Thanks to this new role, I keep learning to lead the company to more successes”.

We are sure that you will also succeed in your new role, Cristina!