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MAJOREL IBERIA, S.L.U., (hereinafter, “MAJOREL”), as a company of the MAJOREL Group that manages all personnel selection processes, makes available to you the information concerning the processing of your personal data, as established in the applicable regulations on this subject.

MAJOREL hereby establishes the following policy to ensure compatibility with the obligation to provide information, suitable presentation thereof and ease of understanding by data subjects (candidates) so that they have quick access to simplified information without this undermining the principles of lawfulness, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, transparency, security and confidentiality.


Data Controller:


VAT No: B-85710267

Address: Calle Alcalá nº 265, Edificio 1, 28027, Madrid (Madrid), España.

General information email:

Data Protection email:

DPO email:

MAJOREL shall act as data processor of the processing and exercising of rights, and as transferor on behalf of the Majorel Group companies in the IBILAT Region (hereinafter, the “Group Companies”)  in any cases of job applications when the professional profile matches any published vacancies:

With regard to the Group Companies, MAJOREL IBERIA S.L.U. will act as the responsible for the management and exercise of rights, and will act as the transferor of these companies in the event of job applications, when their professional profile is in accordance with their published offers.


Purposes of processing: Why do we process your data?

As a candidate, the data you provide will be processed for the purposes of current and future recruitment processes organized by the Group companies.

In other words, your data will initially be processed by MAJOREL, who will then report your details to the specific Group company or companies which has published the vacancy matching your profile.

More specifically, in addition to being included in the specific recruitment process (if the published vacancy you apply for directly refers to the website of our job providers), if your application is not successful, as if you send  a non-specific application, you will be included in future recruitment processes in line with your profile, without the need to register again.

MAJOREL guarantees that your data will not be used for any other purpose.


Lawfulness of processing: How are we legitimate for processing your details?

The legal basis for the processing of your candidate data is based on the need for the performance of pre-contractual measures at the request of the person concerned or the intention to enter into a contract, and on the legitimate interest of the organization to participate in other selection processes of the companies of the Group, provided that it matches your professional profile.


Categories of Personal Data: What types of your data do we process?

The personal data types we process are those you provide by submitting your application for the job vacancy, or by submitting a random job application:

MAJOREL does not collect any particularly sensitive data on candidates.

As established in the regulations, the data provided by data subjects shall be considered to be accurate, unless they are updated by the same candidate.


Storage periods: How long will we keep your personal data?

The personal data that job applicants supply will be used for the relevant recruitment process and for any others in the future in line with your profile. Nevertheless, the maximum period we are allowed to keep your data for is 2 years (from when they are received) and they will then be erased.

If you ask us to cancel your data within the said 2 year period (either directly or through our recruitment providers), your data will be automatically erased.


Recipients of the personal data

Unless legally obliged to do so, in relation to this processing, we do not share your data with any entity and/or person, except for the aforementioned transfer of your data to the Group Companies referred to above, in the event of job offers in line with your professional profile.

We inform you that MAJOREL may use the services of service providers that require access to the data. These contracted companies will comply with all the requirements established by data protection regulations for data processors.


International Data Transfer

Only when you apply for a job vacancy which requires transfering to and/or interviews with MAJOREL Group companies in countries outside the European Union (EU) your data will undergo an international data transfer to the Group Companies in those countries, and from then on their applicable privacy policies and security measures will apply, which are the same as those of companies belonging to the European Union (EU). In these cases, this is an international data transfer that is necessary to implement a relationship (in this case, pre-contractual) to which the data subject is party.


Data processing security and confidentiality

MAJOREL is committed to guaranteeing the security and confidentiality in the processing of your data, and implements the necessary security measures (technical and organisational) to prevent any adulteration, loss, queries, or any unauthorised or fraudulent use or access. This shall be performed in accordance with the identified level of risk in data processing.

In addition to implementing the necessary security measures, a subsequent verification, assessment and evaluation process is regularly performed in regard to the efficacy of these measures (continuous improvement to guarantee the secure processing of data).

Maximum confidentiality in the processing of personal data is considered an indispensable obligation by MAJOREL’S personnel, and we hereby undertake to ensure secrecy in all phases of data processing in accordance with the provisions established in applicable legislation.


Data subject rights: What are your data protection processing rights?

We shall now explain your personal data protection rights

To exercise any of these rights, the candidate should write to the following e-mail address, depending on which country you are in:

You must prove your identity by enclosing a copy of your DNI/NIE (identification document as applicable) so that we can verify that we only reply to the person concerned, unless you use the e-mail address used in the selection process.

We also inform you that you have the right to lodge a complaint with our Data Protection Officer ( or with the competent supervisory authority if you consider that any type of violation has occurred in relation to the processing of your personal data.


Last updated on 20.3.2023

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