Zaragoza is one of the main cities in Spain, both in terms of population and economic activity. Thanks to its privileged location, it is also an important logistic hub in the South of Europe. All of that makes this city a constant source of innovation.

We welcome you to Zaragoza with great opportunities to develop your career. We have two offices in the city: one is located in the city centre and the other in one of its most vibrant and cosmopolitan areas.

People is our priority and we want you to grow with us. Come and meet the team!

We offer careers, not jobs

With over 10 years of experience in Zaragoza, we have gained the trust of industry-leading clients in the telecommunications, automotive and educational sectors.

We are committed to the well-being and professional development of our people. The Feel Good Program and our many internal promotion processes are proof of that. In addition, we promote transparent communications within the company through our internal newsletter NEWZ, created by and for employees!

Whether you’re just starting your career or want a change of scenery, you’ll find the right opportunity for you!

    Feel Good Program

    Feel Good Body

    Prevention, health and well-being tips: we care about the well-being of our people. We share a monthly newsletter with tips to adopt healthy habits.

    We care for our people: we organize workshops to contribute to physical and mental well-being, such as desk ergonomics, stress management, emotional intelligence and phoniatrics courses.

    Feel Good Body

    Feel Good Mind

    Individual development plans: we offer our employees the opportunity to grow professionally and unleash their full potential.

    Internal promotions: not in vain, in 2020 all of our vacancies were filled through internal promotions.

    Feel Good Mind

    Feel Good Soul

    Contests & challenges: we give our people the chance to participate in contests and competitions to put their skills into practice and win great prizes. You never know when we might light up the day with a new challenge!

    NEWZ newsletter: communications here are created by all of us. Our people have the opportunity to express their uniqueness, create their own content and share it with their colleagues through the monthly publication of our internal magazine NEWZ.

    Solidarity campaigns: we take part in social causes to help people who need it most. Examples of our commitment are The Tree that Feeds Smiles, a Christmas campaign to collect toys for children in need and the food collection campaign.

    Feel Good Soul

    Feel Good Support

    Discounts: our employees can enjoy discounts on different services and brands in Zaragoza.

    Feel Good Support

    Let's get social

    Do you want to team up with us? Take a look at what is waiting for you in the #OneMajorel world!

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