Customer support is of the utmost importance to our global clients; finding the balance between technology and the human response is where we excel. At Majorel, our people have the opportunity to create a career utilizing their hard-earned language skills and upskilling these in-house to become international customer support specialists for our major brand clients. Our aim is to become the largest multi-language business in Armenia, and continue growth to ensure a sustainable future for our employees. In our second year of Operations in Yerevan, and with 400 employees, the enthusiasm and positivity within the office is better than ever. In Majorel we care about each other – and this is how it should be.

Gary Aghabekian – Country Director

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Careers in Yerevan

At Majorel, we’re always on the lookout for new talents and fresh minds to join our international community. From entry level to experienced, from part time to full time, we put in one place a world of possibility for you. Just explore!