We have no doubt that 2020 has been a universally challenging year for everyone. We, as #OneTeam believe that, especially during hard times, sharing our stories brings us closer together. We believe in the power of communication to stay united. And since we can’t physically come together, we focused as much as possible to share our experiences, ups and downs of 2020 virtually. For this purpose, our colleagues from Majorel Romania have launched an inspiring campaign, 20 Challenges & 21 Stories.

20 challenges / 21 stories

We have encouraged the local team to share their stories of 2020 from a positive angle – to inspire one another. Everyone had a unique story to tell because no doubt, 2020 was an extraordinary year in so many ways. Sharing a positive angle of 2020 can have a healing effect. So, 2021 will be all about healing, joy, and bonding.

These 21 stories come from colleagues with different ages, personalities, professions and career levels. We were excited to read so many meaningful stories about professional and personal growth during the pandemic, challenging, yet funny parts of working-from-home, team work, one team spirit, self-motivation and productivity. We share with you some small parts of some big stories:

Loredana Alexe, Service Delivery Manager, Majorel Romania

“I do remember however feeling lucky to have my job, to have the chance to do something so extraordinary and also being scared like never before. I remember often thinking, that maybe I don’t have what it takes to make it. I will never forget the people that told me I do. 2020 taught me that truly “impossible is nothing” when you are not alone. I have seen people stepping up to help when there was nothing in there for them but the satisfaction that we do everything we can to save jobs, to prove what are made of and that together we stand stronger.

20 challenges & 21 stories

The biggest achievement for last year was that we managed to provide some safety in times of high uncertainty for the people around us. We grew and we excelled. We got closer and stronger as a team. I got stronger not only as a manager, but as a human also.” Read the full story here.

Elena Apostu, Global Quality Process and Training Coordinator, Majorel Romania

“The #20Challenges heightened our #oneteam trust, collaboration, engagement around a global goal, and most importantly, our kindness. Our hard work and commitment translated in incredible results, we proved the highest flexibility in adapting to the dynamic, fast-changing reality, we kept on developing ourselves and our teams, while ensuring the highest care for our clients, customers and communities.

20 challenges & 21 stories

For #21stories, I want no past regret or future dread in any of us, for the sun will rise again tomorrow. And with it, a new chance to make different choices and create new beginnings. I wish Majorel will stay full of staccato rhythms and art and curiosity and wonder and change.“ Read the whole story here.

Pomana Alina, Solution Coach & Feel Good Ambassador, Majorel Romania

“2020 was a tough, challenging year, in which we had to overcome our boundaries and adapt. We learnt the hard way, in isolation how to be emotionally closer than never. We learnt how to communicate, to support and understand each other. We missed a lot of things, we felt scared but also happiness from time to time.

20 challenges & 21 stories

I learnt to appreciate even the little things, I discovered my beautiful Romania, I cooked, read, watched a lot of movies/TV series, and I enjoyed every reunion with my loved ones. I felt unconditional love (maybe conditioned by food) from the newest family member – our little kitten.

For me this year was hard, but productive. In 2020 I evolved both professionally and personally in ways I could not imagine before. I have reached all my goals and I have done it by being at home – wearing pajamas, who would have thought? 😀
I ended the year in a positive way, proven great successes on the project that I am a part of together with my new role as Feel Good Ambassador. I understood that in life some dreams really come true if you work and wish enough.
I have no other expectations from 2021 than to be as it should be, I’ll let it surprise me! 😊 “

We should also mention our story, as Majorel Romania: 2020 has also been a challenging year, but thanks to our colleagues, their commitments and dedication, we have used the challenges as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. Last year, Majorel Romania was one of the pioneers within Majorel Group at successfully implementing work-from-home solutions for all our projects. Moreover, despite the ongoing economic and social crisis, our company further expanded its client portfolio and grew the team with more than 300 new employees.

Thanks to everyone who have shared their experiences, we’ve seen 2020 from a more positive perspective and realised that despite the hardships, there have been some amazing parts of the story as well. You can read all 21 full stories here, or some shorter versions of them on the local Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

With this positive spirit, we look to a brighter future full of new goals, achievements, and successes as #OneTeam together.

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