Meet Gissu

Originally from Iran, Gissu’s career story at Majorel is one of the major successes. She joined our team in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier! Starting from a position of a Content Moderator, today Gissu is the local Quality, Training, and Policy Manager (QTP Manager) at Majorel Berlin. Her story is a great example of where hard work and dedication as a woman in business can take you. In this interview, Gissu talks about her career journey, highlights some of the challenges women face at work and ways to fight them and gives young women inspiring career advice.


Gissu, please tell us briefly about your path to Majorel. How did your roles and responsibilities change throughout your journey at Majorel?

Gissu: I started as a Content Moderator, which is an entry-level position for the Persian market. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to work in different roles such as Subject Matter Expert, Quality Analyst, Policy coordinator, Policy Team Leader and currently, I am the QTP Manager.

So, what are some of my daily responsibilities? Leading the Training, Quality, and Policy Department consisting of a team of more than 50 people. Additionally, I create concepts, and training plans to increase the service quality and productivity of more than 500 team members in one of our social media project in Berlin. Furthermore, I take full ownership of our KPI results. By performing root cause analyses, I create action plans to steadily improve our QTP Department for internal and external stakeholders.

What are some of the challenges female employees may face at work and how to fight them?

Gissu: Women may find themselves under-represented at work. To fight this challenge, we should stand up and take credit for what we have achieved. Women sometimes struggle with showcasing their achievements. My advice is to embrace what you worked hard for. Be on your own side.

Another challenge can be the social expectations. At times, they can make female employees feel confronted with too much pressure and little support. To tackle this problem, we, as women, should educate ourselves about unconscious bias and practice keeping up with the right mindset. The solution is to know and pursue what we want, have a clear career vision, and build the path that will get us there.

What does gender equality at work mean to you and why is it important for any organization?

Gender equality at work means giving everyone in the company access to opportunities and resources regardless of their gender. It is important for any organization to ensure gender equality. By not doing so, such companies deprive themselves of the skills of the discriminated gender and therefore, decrease the chances of success in the organization overall.

Do you have advice for young women just starting their careers of?

I do! Aim high. Identify your gaps and embrace constructive feedback. Own your success. And finally, be authentic – be yourself and true to your values.

Thank you so much, Gissu, for taking time to talk with us. We couldn’t be prouder of your successful career path within our team. We congratulate you on your newly acquired German citizenship.

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