As part of our Feel Good Soul social responsibility program, our colleagues from Majorel Romania are supporting children in the local Glori Angeli orphanage and promoting equal education opportunities for all children.

For this purpose, our colleagues have come together and launched #WeCare campaign in support of those children who need care, support, and access to education.

As a first initiative of the campaign, Majorel Romania donated computers and tablets to the children from the child care center. Due to the ongoing pandemic, these children are forced to learn from home; however, not all of them have proper equipment to continue their education.

We are happy to share with you a glimpse of the joy we had experienced the day we visited the Glori Angeli orphanage.

“Supporting education remains one of the top priorities for Majorel Romania. We always advocate for equal learning opportunities and inclusion within and beyond our communities across the world.  Access to quality education should not be dependent on a person’s social background, financial standing, gender, religion or culture.  #WeCare campaign serves a great purpose to help those children who need our support the most. This is a long-term campaign and commitment and we plan to keep it and support the children’s education and further development,” says Daniela Micușan, Country Manager at Majorel Romania.

Overwhelmed by positive emotions, our colleagues in Romania have decided to carry out more educational and entertaining programs with the children. As part of the corporate social responsibility campaign, our team will offer them foreign language courses, organize story nights & theatre shows, and carry out fun, yet interesting, and meaningful activities with them.

If you want to know more about Majorel’s social commitment and Feel Good Soul program, here are some story suggestions:

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