Since February 24th, the lives of the Ukrainian people have dramatically changed. Sadly, we are still watching the tragic situation unfolding in Ukraine and our hearts go out to our European neighbors who are facing such unimaginable challenges and suffering.

As a global company, with a significant geographic footprint and a rapidly growing workforce, we commit to the welfare of our people. We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the wider society and local communities where we operate.

As the humanitarian emergency continues to unfold:

We Support

We are honored to support the courageous work of the Georgia Red Cross Society and its humanitarian relief efforts. Majorel Georgia triple-matched all employee donations (53,600 GEL) to the Ukraine response funds of the Red Cross. We are proud of the employees who joined this donation and happy we could help together. The Red Cross Society – remains active in Ukraine, saving and protecting the lives of victims of the Russian invasion.

In addition, our Majorel teams in other countries in the region are working especially hard to support in very practical ways, including collecting donations for urgent supplies like food, first aid kits, medical equipment, and medical supplies among other. Majorel is toping also here the donations made by our employees. An additional €100,000 will go to Polish Humanitarian Action and the Romanian Red Cross, the two countries having the highest number of refugees.

We Care

Majorel Georgia actively supports its employees – From the very start, our number one priority has been to offer our team members the practical and emotional support they need, thus we provide them with free psychological support at Kamara and Gestalt Institute.

We are driven to go further

Since the beginning of the military invasion in Ukraine, we have been trying to find ways to offer our support in the best way possible and we continue to do so.

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and all those impacted. We hope for a peaceful resolution soon.