Majorel in Skopje, certified as "Attractive Employer" by Great Place to Work®.

For more than a year, Majorel has been actively working on the Macedonian market, providing its customers with customer support, but the greatest support and care is given to its employees, who are a vital part of the company. The given certificate only confirms the already proven excellent working environment, company culture and care for its employees.

The certification, called Great Place to Work is a global excellence authority at the workplace, and companies that have earned it are proven to have better organizational health, greater employee engagement, and better financial benefits. The companies that are certified are confirmed as better places to work, and their employees are more engaged and productive.

“To be evaluated by the employees with such high marks for us is a great acknowledgement by our colleagues”, says Elena Manovska, Site Manager of Majorel in Skopje. “For us, this certification process resulted in valid and meaningful data that will help us in our mission to develop as a desirable company for work.”

What makes the company a great place to work? The answer is different for every organization, but there are some common themes. A great place to work is one where employees feel proud to work at, a place where they feel supported and valued, and where they have the opportunity to learn and grow. It is also a place where people feel comfortable to be themselves and where they can build strong relationships with their colleagues.

“To be certified as an attractive employer is an important milestone for any company. It means that you are a great place to work, where employees are happy and satisfied. The results of an anonymous survey conducted in Majorel by Great Place to Work show that 90% of the employees here feel a sense of friendship, and 89% say that fairness is a top priority. 86% of the employees feel proud to work for us, and 86% of them say we have high credibility. We also have high ratings for respect, with 85% of the employees saying we treat them with respect” says Violeta Vukelikj, HR Manager at Majorel.

The good employers have one thing in common, they are committed to credible and fair leadership as well as active employee nurturing. Respect, trust and team spirit are a major part of the corporate culture.

The “Great Place to Work® Certified” certification program of the international research and consulting institute recognises special commitment by employers to design the right workplace culture and is awarded on the basis of a vetted procedure. This includes independent, anonymous feedback from employees and an analysis of human resources activities and programmes.

More about Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is an international research and consulting institute that supports companies in around 60 countries in developing their corporate and workplace culture. A culture focused on trust and performance not only ensures motivation and loyalty from employees, it also strengthens the economic performance of a company. It makes a significant contribution to successfully managing change processes such as digital transformation or demographic change. Each year, Great Place to Work® grants certification to very good international, national, regional and sector-specific employers in recognition of their performance on the basis of anonymous employee surveys and the corporate culture analysis. The German institute headquartered in Cologne was founded in 2002 and currently employs approx. 90 people –

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