José Ángel’s career story

“I remember that, already during the selection process at Majorel, I was presented with a clear vision of the opportunities for future professional development and personal growth. And all of these became true within a short period”.

This is how José Ángel recounts his first impressions of Majorel in 2008 when he joined the Telesales team in Zaragoza. Since then, opportunities opened up for him one after the other.

“When I had the chance to become a Team Manager in a 30-person project, I didn’t hesitate for a second! The teamwork paid off and shortly afterwards we reached 2,000 people in the squad”.

“Currently, I work as a Global Service Delivery Manager for several projects that have been rewarded for service excellence over the past few years. An essential part of my job now is to contribute to the training of those who will be my successors, to recognize talent, retain it, and promote it – basically, offering the same opportunities I got in the past”.

“Helping colleagues in their professional growth, recognizing the commitments and a job well done is undoubtedly what I’m most proud of!”

Anyone who enjoys being part of a team, who is motivated to work to reach their objectives, who seeks recognition for a job well done… I invite him/her to be part of our great Majorel family. They will always feel welcome here!”

We’re happy with José Ángel’s achievements and we can say for sure that having him in our team makes a difference!